$3,000 C3 International Scholarship 2018 – Australia


These days, people wish to embark on research to make the lives of other humans great and better than it was. But what seems to be a huge hindrance to some of these research works is funding. There are some intelligent people who due to one circumstance or another, have decided to embark on a live changing research project to know why some things are happening and how to curtail them or permanently solve them. But yet, along the line, the get hindered by lack of fund.


Some researchers are lucky though. Not all are as unlucky as per say. Yes. Some have the funds for at their beck-n-call so conducting a research on any topical issue is never a problem for them.

What now happens to those who don’t have these funds at their disposal? They have to seek for help anywhere – Organizations, churches, firms, or even get a loan to finance their projects.


The University of Technology Sydney founded and established in the 1870s. It is not a private University but rather, a public university based in Australia. The University of Technology Sydney is a member of The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATNU) and is currently offering the C3 International Scholarship to all graduate students both foreign and domestic students. This institution offers a wide range of degree programs.


Pause! Here’s the offer.


The University of Technology Sydney is providing the C3 Scholarships for those who wish to enroll for a higher degree program in research. Yes.


Target Students

The University of Technology Sydney has decided to fund research projects of students who fall into any of these categories:

  • Industry doctoral students
  • Master’s and PhD students
  • Visiting research students
  • Joint/dual degree students.


All foreign and Australian students can apply for this C3 Scholarship offered by the University of Technology Sydney.

Do you fall into one of these categories listed above? Do you think this scholarship is what you need? Then read on.


Eligible Projects

With this C3 scholarship fund, you can embark on the following research projects:

  • Remote Sensing
  • GE Algal Bio-Factory Research Program
  • Coral Eco-physiology
  • Seafood Safety.

Scholarship Worth

Applicants who made it to the final list of the C3 student grant is entitled to receive up to $3,000 per year as travel funds to support research projects in Australia.


To be considered eligible for this scholarship, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Interested applicants should have a background in Physics, Mathematics, or Environmental Sciences.
  • All International and Australian students are qualified to apply for this student grant.


How Do I Apply?

Applications for this scholarship is online through the scholarship webpage.

  • Choose a course from the list written above and ensure that you meet the entry requirements for the course/faculty.
  • Search for a supervisor whom you will discuss your desired research project with.
  • Select your desired scholarship program from the range of UTS and funding programs available.
  • Get your documents ready. Make sure you find out which documents are required.
  • Finally, send your application via their online scholarship portal and do it by the set deadline.


What are the Scholarship Deadline?

  • 15th February 2018 (for the session starting July 2018)
  • 30th June 2018(For the session starting January 2019)


Scholarship Link


$45 Million International Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship to Study in US 2018/19

This figure is awesomely huge to be ignored!The Michigan State University is hosting The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship 2018/19. All international undergraduates and graduates are currently invited to apply for this hot scholarship. Did I mention hot? Yes. But not in the sense of scalding your hands though.

The Michigan State University is in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation Scholarshipto offer students fully funded student grants to study from sub-Saharan African.

The Michigan State University (MSU) colloquially called Spartans was founded and established in 1855. It is a public research university located in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. It is recorded that the Michigan State University is one of the first higher institution to teach scientific agriculture in the United States.Today, they are offering a wide range of degree programs to its learners.

In terms of enrollment, Michigan State University is considered the largest in the United States. Currently, the institution ranks as one of the top 20 public universities in the United States and one of the best 100 universities in the world for research purposes.

Back to what’s on board. The Michigan State University will receive $45 Million USD from The MasterCard Foundation. This fund will be used to fully sponsor about 185 students to study any degree program of their choice in the University of Michigan. There are six United States Universities in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation on this scholarship program but the Michigan State University will host most of the scholars than other institutions.

100 Undergraduates and 85 graduate students will benefit from this student grant offered by The MasterCard Foundation. Whom will be considered more for this scholarship award? Students who are academically excellent and are financially disadvantaged will be given preference to others. These students must be willing to give back to their community hence they will well equipped with social and economic skills and competencies required to ignite growth in the system.

What is the Application Deadline?

Applications will no longer be received after 1st February 2018.



Students from all African countries are qualified to apply for this scholarship.


What Can I Study?

With this scholarship, you can study any course offered by the Michigan State University.

This scholarship is offered yearly and it has been offered since 2012.


Number of Scholarships

Not known



Full academic and social support from the $45 Million USD.



For the full period of study



Applicants must:

  • Be willing to give back to the community
  • Show strong ethical behaviors and commitment to study in their career path
  • Be an African student.
  • Possess great academic scores from previous school where he/she graduated from.


Kindly visit the scholarship link to read more on how to apply for this scholarship.





International Scholarships for Medical Students


Are you an undergraduate student wishing to study medicine in the coming year? King’s College London is awaiting your application for its 2018/19 International Scholarship grant for Medical Students.


King’s College London offers a wide range of degree programs to its interested learners.

As a medical student, studying is a very hectic task for you and worrying about where to get funds for your education is the least thing that you need while studying. It may serve as a major distraction to your studies and possibly lead to a very serious setback in your academic scores.


These days, it’s hard for one not to say he need support for his or her education. Every students needs to be scholar of one program or another. Having trodden down that path before, it is strongly advisable that you apply for multiple scholarships to keep your education afloat.


Some crazy ideas such as getting a loan for your education may be popping up in your mind right now like a sign up newsletter, but let me assure you that that is not the best option for you. When you successfully get that loan, you will be asked to pay back the moment you graduates. In real time, loans are meant to be paid back in its own terms but who would really enjoy paying back loan as a fresh graduate who is probably still searching for job huh?


You see what I mean. Get a scholarship to pay for your tuition. Scholarships are the best option for you as medical student and there are many scholarships for medical students which you can apply for. Use the search tab to get what you want in a click. Many scholarship providers still lookout for medical students and you could be one lucky chap. This scholarship will be taken at the United Kingdom


Now, if you are still interested in getting a scholarship for your degree program, not a loan, continue reading.



This scholarship is targeted towards undergraduate students from any country including UK and EU Students. These students must have the intention of commencing studies this coming year and also intend to study a medical course at undergraduate degree level.



All applications must be sent by 15th January 2018.


Eligible Courses/Fields

With this grant for school, you can opt to study any if the following courses mentioned below:

BA in Global Health & Social Medicine or BSc in Global Health & Social Medicine.



This grant for school will be awarded based on previous academic achievements. Secondly, an essay explaining why you need this fund will also be required from interested applicants.



Just one (1).



This scholarship covers successful scholars for period of four years.



Scholars will receive $9,000 annually. This funds covers only part of the total tuition. This implies that applicant must be able to complete that other part of the tuition independently.


How To Apply

Kindly visit the scholarship webpage to know more about application method. (Link found below)


Scholarship Portal