$67,000 International MBA Scholarship in UK 2018


The Advisory Board Scholarship worth $67,000 is provided by the Imperial College Business School.


There are many people out there right now whom it has always been their dream to advance their education with an MSC but due to one hindrance or another, there has been a full stop to that dream of theirs and slowly, it dying away. So saddening but true.


Studying a degree programin the United Kingdom is great but everything is gets cooler when you are under a scholarship program or multiple scholarships for that matter. Yes you read it right. Most students who are being funded via a scholarship program often apply to get multiple student grants from various programs offered by different organizations such as a company, private sponsor, firm, or church.


Applying for multiple scholarships is not an offence unless otherwise stated by the scholarship providers. If not, I would say, apply for like two or three scholarships tailored towards what you study or what you wish to study.


Right now, there are graduate students wishing to continue their education with a Master’s in Business. They wish to climb higher up the ladder but lack of money seems to be a threat to that vision. Well, money may not be your problem but whatever made you to read this directly points to the fact that you need financial support. If that’s so, read on to know more about this scholarship offered by the Imperial College Business School.


This Advisory Board Scholarship has been funded generously by many people. The primary purpose of this student grant is to create a way via which academically sound and excellent students from foreign countries can enroll and study a full-time MBA degree program at the Imperial College Business School.


Interested applicants who wish to apply for this scholarship will need to possess string English language skills as this would really aid them throughout their education and the future ahead.


What is the Scholarship Application Deadline?

The application deadline for this scholarship is 26th January 2018.


Who is Hosting This Scholarship?

The Imperial College Business School located in the United Kingdom.



There are two scholarship slots up for grab so this is a competitive one.


What is the value of the Scholarship?

Applicants who succeeds to the final list will receive student grants worth up to $67,000 for their tuition fees.



To be considered for this scholarship, applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Prove that without the scholarship, you will not be able to enroll for a full-time program to study at The Imperial College Business School.
  • Award will be given based on academic achievements.
  • By 26th January 2018, applicants will need to submit their GMAT Scores.
  • Write and submit an essay
  • Get professional references to back up your application. People of good reputation should reference you for this scholarship award.
  • All international students are qualified to apply for this scholarship award.


How to Apply

  • Application is done and submitted online via their portal.
  • Write and submit your essay to mba-at-imperial-ac.uk. Your email subject should contain “Advisory Board Scholarship Application” and your CID number.


Scholarship Website

Kindly check https://www.imperial.ac.uk/business-school/programmes/full-time-mba/fees-and-scholarships/scholarships/advisory-board-scholarships/