Massey University Undergraduate and Graduate International Scholarship 2018


The Massey University is providing InternationalScholarship award to eligible undergraduate and post-graduate students who wish to study any business degree program full-time at any of the institution’s campusesat either the Wellington or Palmerston North.

As a business student, it is important you get a student grant to back up your education. Going for student loans will not help in any form because upon graduation, you will find yourself in a messy debt which you wouldn’t like as a young university graduate who is yet to find a job. What you need is a good scholarship to fund your education. If it’s possible, you can even apply for multiple student grants that supports students intending to enroll for a full-time business degree program.

Well, let’s tell you some things about the school which you might want to know (That’s if you don’t know it already). Massey University is a University located at New Zealand and has many campuses located at Albany, Wellington, and Palmerston North. The institution has about 35,000 Students with more than 17,000 Students enrolled in their online degree programs. This institution has been accredited and their online degree program is accredited too so you are sure that your time and energy is not being wasted there.

This scholarship award is open to all international and domestic students who wish to pursue a career in Business. But as an international student, you will need to meet the English language requirements as stated by Massey University.

This scholarship award is available to post-graduate or undergraduate students who are willing to study in any of their campuses located at either Albany, Wellington, or Palmerston North New Zealand.

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for this scholarship is November 30th, 2017. Interested applicants should submit their application by the deadline which has been set at November 30th, 2017. No application sent after this date will be considered for the scholarship again.


Target Student

International and domestic students who has demonstrated interest in Business and wishes to enroll full-time for the degree program.


Value of Scholarship

Successful undergraduate scholars will receive up to $15,000student grant. On the other hand, successful post-graduate scholars will receive $10,000 for their program.

Number of Available Awards

Up to 65 awards will be given off to qualified students via this scholarship program.


Host Country

This scholarship will be taken in any of the campuses belonging to the Massey University, New Zealand.


Eligible Course of Study

Only Business courses are eligible to be studied with this scholarship.


Student Eligibility

  • Applicants will need to meet the minimum English language requirement.
  • This scholarship will be awarded based on academic merit.
  • All domestic and international students with excellent academic results are eligible to apply for this scholarship provided by the Massey University.


Application Instructions

Interest applicants should send their completed forms to


Scholarship Link

There is no official webpage for this scholarship, send your applications to


Lester B. Pearson Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarship


The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship is an international scholarship program offered at the University of Toronto, Canada. This scholarship is aimed at undergraduate students who possess good leadership skills and have demonstrated it within their school and also have an outstanding academic performance.


Students who are creative are not left out of this scholarship. Such students should have impacted in their community or their school through one means of another such as volunteer activities or projects, and also possess the potential ability to give back to their community upon graduation and the world at large.


The University of Toronto is colloquially called UTorontoor U of Tis a public research institution located at Ontario, Canada. Just around Queen’s Park. It was founded and established by the Royal Charter in 1827 but then it was called King’sCollege. That was about 190 years ago.


Back then in the colony of Upper Canada, it was the first tertiary institution. Primarily, the Church of England was in control of the institution until 1850 when it became a secular university. That same 1850, it changed its name to “The University of Toronto”.U of T has two local campuses in Mississauga and Scarborough.


The University of Toronto has about 60,500 students with staff that amounts up to 7,000 people (Academic and Administrative Staff).The school offers various degree programs and their official website is


Eligible Courses/Fields

All undergraduate courses offered by the University of Toronto are eligible to be studied with this scholarship.


Scholarship Deadline

The scholarship application deadline is 18th January 2018. While the deadline for the school nomination is November 30th 2017.



This scholarship is provided by the University of Toronto and will be taken at any of its campuses in Canada.


Target Students

All international students from around the world are qualified to apply for this student grant. International students who are currently enrolled in Canadian high schools are also eligible to apply.


Available Number of Scholarship Awards

Annually, about 35 people are awarded with the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship.


Scholarship Value

This student grant covers learning materials, Insurance, tuition & fees, and full living allowance/support. This will be given for a period of four years.



  • International student who is nominated by their high school will be invited by the University of Toronto to submit an application for the scholarship.
  • Applicant must be an original and creative thinker.
  • Applicant ought to be committed to the development of their school and community.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities.
  • Student must have graduated not later than June 2017 or be in their final year in high school.
  • Student must have the intentions of enrolling for a degree program in this upcoming academic session.
  • Students who are already enrolled in any tertiary institution are not eligible to apply for this Lester B. Pearson scholarship.


How to Apply

Interested applicants need to receive nomination by their high school before applying. Any High school that wished to nominate someone should do so via this link –

Secondly, students need to apply for admission into the University of Toronto for the 2018 academic year by the stated deadline.

Finally, you can go ahead and fill the Lester B. Pearson scholarship form after being nominated and applying for admission into the institution as described above.


Application Link


Fully Funded International Undergraduate Scholarship in Canada 2018


The MasterCard Foundation in collaboration with the McGill University Canada is offering The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program to all international undergraduate students who intend to start studying in this coming year 2018/2019.


Students who are from a socio-economic disadvantaged background, and demonstrates excellent leadership and academic abilities are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is targeted at students from French speaking countries, including sub-Saharan countries.


In Africa, there are many students who are unable to continue their education after graduating secondary school. Considering the rate of poverty and the high number of financially disadvantaged people living in Africa, it is notable to say that this has played a big role in preventing young students from enrolling for a degree program anywhere. Some students who are intelligent often get scholarships to fund their education.


One of the greatest mistakes some young people make is going to apply for academic loan. This has posed to be a big problem for them upon graduation. Why did I say so? This is because when they graduates, they will be required to pay back the loan they took to fund their education. At this time of their life, they should be seeking a job and planning on how to establish their life not worrying on how to pay back loans. In order to avoid this hassle and stress, it is more advisable to seek a student grant for your education.


Thanks to The MasterCard Foundation which is offering over $27 million worth of scholarships to eligible undergraduates from sub-Saharan African countries for the next decade.McGill University will be hosting over 91 successful at their campus. This institution offers various degree programs.


Access to quality education, full financial support, good mentoring services, community services, and employment opportunities will be benefitted by the recipients of this student grant offered by The MasterCard Foundation.

This scholarship has been offered since 2013.



All applications for this scholarship should be submitted by 10th December 2017.



Fully funded scholarship that lasts throughout one’s degree period.



Sub-Saharan African countries and French speaking countries.


This scholarship can be taken at McGill University, Canada.


Eligible Field/Course

You can study development related courses offered at the McGill University except the following:

Theology, Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Music, farm management, and Physical and occupational therapy.


Scholarship Type

Undergraduate Scholarship



67 awards will be given to undergraduates and 24 awards will be given to students enrolling for a graduate degree program at McGill University, Canada. This will total it 91 in all.



Interested applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be considered eligible for this scholarship.

  • Admission into McGill University is very competitive and you must meet the admission requirements of the institution.
  • This must be the first time you are applying for admission into a university. Transfer students will not be considered eligible for this scholarship.
  • Interested applicants must be a native of a Sub-Saharan African country or a French speaking country and must also be residing there.
  • You must prove that you can’t advance your education without this scholarship fund.


Scholarship Link