Harvard Scholarships

Learning with all excellence in America can be out rightly achieved at the Harvard University. Being Founded and established in 1636, it is known as the oldest university in the United States with students from all over the world including those enrolled in their online degree programs.

Who doesn’t know Harvard University? It is a very popular school and studying there is the dream of most undergraduates. The school’s devotion to achieving excellence in teaching, learning and research and even developing their learners to be leaders in many disciplines is what marks Harvard University out from the rest. The institution offers various degree programs and corresponding scholarships to monetarily aid students achieve their dream career and complete their education at Harvard University.

Funny enough, Harvard University doesn’t admits its new learners based on their ability to pay their tuition fees but on the talents they possess and achievements they have made so far. About 70% of students currently enrolled in Harvard University are being aided with one or multiple financial supports, and the rule is no different for foreign students as it is for natives. They are all treated the same when it comes to scholarship and funding for education.

With a wide range of academic environments, the Harvard University offers the best learning experience to students so far. There are many degree programs and online degree programs for students to choose from, and all these programs are offered with great quality to ensure that students out shine their counterparts from other universities upon graduation.

It is good to know that there are different schools of Harvard. These are:

  • Harvard Kennedy School
  • Harvard Divinity School
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard Summer School
  • Harvard School of Public Health
  • Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement
  • Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
  • Harvard Extension School


The above listed are the schools in Harvard University.

Regarding their scholarships, there are certain qualities and conditions you need to meet in order to be considered. They are:

  • An ACT or SAT Scores will be required and this scores need to be submitted by the testing agency on your behalf. Without this scores, you will not be considered for anything – admission or Scholarship.
  • You must meet the entry requirements for any degree program you wish to run at the institution.
  • All applicants are advised to take the GRE or GMAT examinations as this would be required by the institution during the screening process.
  • All international students will be required to submit prove of their command of English, written and spoken. This can be achieved by submitting your TOEFL scores.
  • A letter of recommendation is needed too.


When you scale through the screening, then you can be eligible to receive any of their numerous scholarships such as the Harvard Kennedy School Scholarships (https://www.hks.harvard.edu/degrees/sfs).


Below is link showing the various fellowships and scholarships offered by Harvard University – https://college.harvard.edu/financial-aid


Saitama University 120,000 JPY International Scholarship Award in Japan

Getting funds for school fees and other fees attached to academics is not really easy for students. Speaking of scholarships, there are different scholarship providers who are willing to sponsor the education of students that has outstanding academic scores. Sponsors may be university, government, organization, or private sponsors.

Depending on who the sponsor is, it is worthy to note that different sponsors set the rules according to their desire but all fair when it comes to selection of scholars. Some scholarships will define their target population by telling if a student grant is for undergraduate student or graduate student. Some even go further to trimming their choice of applicants by selecting a specific discipline of field. But some scholarship providers don’t trim down their applicants’.

That aside, you may have been seeing many scholarships out there for students but some of them may not really be what you need.

Japan is a country in Asia with good universities. There are people wishing to study in Japan but don’t know how to go about it. While others, educational funding is the only obstruction they are facing. Nonetheless, the Yamada Foundation has taken all these into consideration and have decided to offer scholarships to international students wishing to enroll for an undergraduate, Master’s or Doctoral degree program in Saitama University.

The primary aim of this student grant is to privately sponsor the education of foreign students who wants to study in Japan.

Saitama is a town in Japan that is well known for itscultural and well developed industrial environment.Saitama University which is abbreviated as Saidaiis a Japanese national University in Tokyo, Japan. This university was established in 1949. It has many campuses. The Okubo campus is the main campus. The other campuses are satellite campuses located in Tokyo Station College, and Omiya Sonic City College.

Eligible Field/Course

All subjects/courses offered by Saitama University are covered by this scholarship.


Scholarship Type

This scholarship is available to pursue Undergraduate, Master’s, or Doctoraldegree program.



December 1st 2017 is the scholarship application deadline for this scholarship program.



120,000 JPYwill awarded to students who make it to the final list of this scholarship process.


Number of Available Scholarship Awards

Not specified


Students’ Eligibility

  • As of April 2018, applicant should not be older than 35 years.
  • Foreign students must have their student visa and maintain their “student” status throughout their stay in Japan.
  • All foreign students from any country are eligible to apply for this scholarship award.


How Do I Apply?

Well, as an interested applicant, you can apply directly to The Yamada Foundation.





Tuition Reductionto Study in ECU, Australia 2018


These days, all manners of scholarships fly past the screen as one search for suitable scholarship for the course they wish to study and probably pick up as a career in the closest future. The Edith Cowan University is one of those many scholarship providers offering the Edith Cowan University International Scholarship to all foreign students wishing to study in Australia and have applied for admission into Edith Cowan University for the next academic session which will be starting soon.

The Edith Cowan University is currently accepting application from international students for its 10% tuition reduction scholarship. This offer is open to all foreign students who wish to apply for an undergraduate or post-graduate degree program at their south west campus. All the courses offered at that campus are eligible to be studied under this grant for school.

The Edith Cowan University will award this scholarship to many students who meet the scholarship eligibility requirements.

Application Deadline for the Scholarship

The scholarship application deadline is December 31st 2017.


Foreign students from any country are qualified to apply for this scholarship program offered by theEdith Cowan University (ECU).

Scholarship Level

This grant for school is open to those who wish to pursue an undergraduate or post-graduate degree program.

Eligible Fields/Courses

All subjects/fields offered by the Edith Cowan University is eligible to be studied with this scholarship award.


Applicants who make it to the final list of this scholarship program will benefit a 10% reduction in their tuition fees throughout the period of their program/course.

Students’ Eligibility/ Selection Criteria

  • Applicant must be a foreign student who wish to study an on-campus degree program at Edith Cowan University’s south west campus.
  • Applicant will study any of the courses offered at the Edith Cowan University’s south west campus.
  • Applicant need to be willing to commence their study in the next academic session.
  • Applicants need to meet the Edith Cowan University’s minimum English language condition.
  • Applicants must also meet the admission requirements for the course of their choice.
  • Applicants cannot combine this scholarship with any other scholarship, bursary, fellowship or its kind.
  • Incomplete admission application will automatically disqualify candidate for this scholarship award.
  • Students who are already enrolled in Edith Cowan University are not qualified to apply for this grant for school.
  • Nationals and residents of Australia and New Zealand are not qualified to apply for this scholarship program.


  • If one is certain that they are eligible, they can fill and submit this scholarship pre-approval form here – http://www.ecu.edu.au/future-students/fees-and-scholarships/scholarships-pre-approval
  • Alongside the scholarship pre-approval form, send proof of meeting the scholarship eligibility requirements.
  • One week after submitting the scholarship pre-approval form, Edith Cowan University (ECU) will contact the applicant to let them know whether or not they meet the scholarship eligibility requirement.
  • If successful, applicants will be instructed on how to redeem their scholarship and how to apply for their course too.
  • Upon successful completion of everything, candidates’ tuition fees will automatically be adjusted.

Scholarship Website

For more information and details, please click herehttp://www.ecu.edu.au/scholarships/details/south-west-campus-international-scholarship